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Cabins are becoming increasingly popular as they open up whole new living spaces on a property.

They can be used for anything from a den to a sound-proofed music room. Buying one in kit-form can work if you happen to have the perfectly proportioned space for it, or alternatively you can ask us to build a bespoke cabin designed with your exact needs in mind. Imagine a cabin which is the perfect shape and size for your needs, incorporating lighting or even heating so it is useable all year round. Internal rooms would be made to measure, with your specific hobbies in mind, or office requirements. Our 3D drawings would give you the chance to visualise it and then once you’re happy, we would build it on site with pressure-treated timber. The cabin can be either painted or clad in larch, cedar, or your favourite wood.

When it comes to any form of carpentry, we love a challenge. Basically, if you can imagine it, we can design and build it!